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Ryan Briscoe Won Sonoma’s GoPro IndyCar Race

It appeared as if Will Power was aiming at making it 3 in a row, as he acquired the pole starting point at the recently held Sonoma’s GoPro IndyCar race event. At the start of the race, he charged himself in the lead position, which made most of the crowd exhale noisily with disappointment thinking the event would not become much of a race. But, in contrast, the race had its own share of very exciting moments.

In the very 1st lap of the race, Helio Castroneves, who is the key participant from Dancing with the Stars, and also the crowd’s hot favorite, obtained a penalty for dashing into the rear of Scott Dixon. Later on, sprinting into Ryan Hunter Reay, Scott Dixon completely smashed his vehicle’s front wing, which is mainly required for speed and down force.

Sometime after that incident, Hunter Reay experienced a shunt with his fellow contestant Alex Tagliani and rotated. As the season pull the plugs on to the very last 2 races, Power heads the Championship with almost 36 more points over the Hunter Reay. Finally, trailing a penalty for dashing into the rear of EL Viso, Hunter Reay finishes at the very disappointing 18th position.

All these interesting events took place, since the organizers made enough plans to reconfigure the race track in order to create more passing areas, which made the racing event even more exciting. That objective was accomplished quite successfully, even though most of the drivers, who had participated in the race, were not at all pleased with their own individual results.

All the participant drivers appreciated the Sonoma Raceway executives for developing the changes, with huge inputs obtained especially from the drivers. Ultimately, Ryan Briscoe headed his fellow teammate, Will Power all the way through the twelve spin race event during the very last lap, following any yellow flag cautions that actually bunched the pack.

The event provided some exciting last minute racing thrill to all the viewers, and it also proved to have produced some bumping and sliding, which is not something many drivers would desire with their delicate vehicles. Greatly penalized, Castroneves finished at a very disappointing 21st position in the race.

Joining the hands with Honda Motors, this year was the first time during which the well-known Chevrolet Motors provided their engines to the racing teams.

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